Our Services


Triumph Psychiatry Consultants is

an intergrative practice that utilizes evidenced based practice to achieve body, mind and spiritual balance.

Triumph Services:

Psychiatric Evaluations

During your 45minute-60 minute psychiatric evaluation, Dr. O will formulate your diagnosis and will assist in creating a plan of care that fits your individual needs. 

Medication Management

During these 15-20 minute medication management visits, Dr. O ensures that your treatment regimen is effective while maintaining your safety. 

Crisis Management Services

Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you or your child/adolescent needs to see a psychiatric provider for an evaluation, med management, therapeutic intervention or all three urgently. No worries, we are here. Make sure you bring needed documents for your provider, such as hospital discharge paperwork to assist in your timely efficient care. 

Counseling Services

Nonjudgmental evidenced based therapeutic intervention services to provide skills in order to better manage life stressors.

Telehealth Services

According to the World Health Organization, telehealth “involves the use of telecommunicationsand virtual technology to deliver healthcare outside of traditional healthcare facilities” (WHO, 2018). At Triumph Psychiatry, we provide these services not only for the convenience of the client but also to reach those Texans who would otherwise have limited access to mental health care due to geographic distance from mental health services.

Physical Exams

As a Family Nurse Practitioner, Dr. O is trained to provide wellness physical exams that consist of both a history and physical exam. She believes that physical health and wellness is closely tied to mental wellness. Whether you need a sports physical or yearly physical, call today to schedule!

Post-Partum Concierge Psychiatric Evaluations

Dr. O provides concierge post partum psych evaluations for mothers!  She is fully aware of the life adjustment that comes with a new child.  During your evaluation, Dr. O makes your needs as a mother a priority. As women, we often make everyone else a priority. As a mom, you want your voice heard! At Triumph Psychiatry LLC, we provide OB/GYN with findings and recommendations.

Group Therapy for Girls: The Selfiesteem Experience

As a children’s author and inventor of edutainment tools to assist in increasing the self-esteem of ALL children, Dr. O realizes the importance of children having a positive self-images of themselves. In the 90-minute selfie esteem experience, pre teen girls will engage in activities and dialogues that assist in self love and acceptance. Dr. O is available to provide this intimate experience for groups of pre teens at slumber parties, birthday parties and special events.

Success Stories

  • I appreciate the way Dr. O treats me. She does not talk down to me, she talks with me and acknowledges my humanity."

    JM - Cedar Hill, TX
  • I feel comfortable with speaking to a clinician who is a mother and understands what we go through. Dr. O never makes me feel less than because I have difficulty in raising my daughter."

    CT - Grapevine, TX
  • Dr. O's knowledge about mental health needs are impressive. You can tell she really cares about each patient she helps."

    EO - Colleyville, TX
  • After my daughter read Dr. O's book about how to regain confidence in the midst of bullying, she wants to attend the selfie esteem experience to get face to face interaction with her."

    IE - Dallas, TX